Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to overcome crafting paralysis and enjoy stamping again

I read a quote the other day that really hit home with me, especially now that we’ve started back to school and with all our other activities.  It went:

Our plates are full and our cups are empty.

Does this sound like you? Rushing the kids (or yourself) from one activity to the next, with barely enough time to down a quick meal. Working all day and only have energy for eating a bag of nachos while binge watching Netflix. Feeling guilty at the end of the day because another whole day has gone by and you feel haven’t accomplished anything, even though you haven’t sat down once.  Wishing you had time to use all those cute stamp supplies you purchased that are just sitting there but it’s a disorganized mess and it’s too hard to pull anything out, and who has the time or energy for stamping anyway?

I get it. I really do. People think because I’m a Demo, I spend all day joyously playing with stamps and paper in my studio. Let me be the first to say… I struggle daily with my reluctance to drag my butt down there.  Usually it is only the scary looming deadline of upcoming classes that inspires my panic monster enough to propel me down the stairs. Even when I get myself down there I am overcome with crafting paralysis. What colors should I use? Which stamps? Techniques? Papers? Embellishments? It can be so overwhelming that you convince yourself you need to look for inspiration on Pinterest and head back to the computer upstairs…and we all know how that ends. No stamping done and a bunch of pins on a board titled “Black Cat Memes” because you got distracted.

Crafting is a lot like working out. We know we will enjoy ourselves and feel so much better if we can just do it. It's the getting into it that's the hard part. I’ve compiled a short list of some tricks I use to get started. Why not give them a try? Let’s face it, there’s not much we can do about all the dishes we have juggle on a daily basis, but  making time to regularly fill our cups with a bit of crafting joy can make a huge difference in our lives and attitudes.

5 Tips to overcome crafting paralysis:

1. Leave a half finished project out to complete- Start with a clean desk is advice you often hear, but I find it better if I leave a mostly completed project on my desk. That way, when I sit down the next day, I can dive right in and complete it, with no thinking involved. Once I’ve glued down a few bits and tied some ribbon, I’ve “warmed up” my crafting brain enough to create something new.

2. Have a clear idea of what you want to create- Before you head to your crafting space, take a few minutes to think about what you want to do before you get distracted by all your supplies.  Is there a specific stamp set you want to use? Maybe it’s a special technique you want to try out. Having an idea already in mind gives you momentum. You can then allow yourself to play and be creative, and you may discover your end result it nothing like what you originally planned.

3. Set aside a non negotiable time to stamp- While this might seem silly, put a time and date in writing on your calendar or planner. Writing it down makes it more real. Consider it as important as any appointment you’ve waited months to book. Be realistic. Saying you are going to stamp from midnight until 2am when you  need to work at 6am is setting yourself up for failure.

4. Take a class- Get out of your craft room and head somewhere else. There’s nothing like being with a group of other enthusiastic stampers to get the mojo flowing. You might just learn a thing or two as well!

5. Use a kit- I adore my Paper Pumpkin kits when I’m not feeling inspired. Everything is already cut and designed, you just have to stamp and assemble. They’re the perfect way to feel accomplished and use very little brain power in the process.

Hope those tips help! Please share in the comments any tricks you use to get stamping, or any obstacles that slow you down, Oh, and if you’re curious about the Paper Pumpkin kits Thursday, Sept.10th is the last day to take advantage of the 2 months at half price offer below!

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