Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So close and yet so far

So today the plan was to hang up my snazzy IKEA Fintorp rails. You shoulda seen me. I had out the electric drill, I was rocking the hollow wall brackets, and even used a level to get everything hung straight. Then on the almost last step…foiled! Foiled I tell you by having purchased the wrong size hooks for my lovely little pots. Arrrgh! Oh well, at least I’ll be in the city this weekend and can pick up the right ones. It’s going to look really cute when it’s finished, but I guess I should show you at least how it looks right now:

2013-10-02 15.35.25

I think I’ll keep the little hooks anyway, I might be able to use them to hand tools or some such.

I also sent out my monthly newsletter and got my classes page updated. Made some cute projects for our Inky Whiskers meeting tomorrow night, but I have to keep those seeeeecret until Friday. I’ll post them then.