Thursday, 3 October 2013

May’s Paper Pumpkin

I’m slowly catching up on my photo backlog. One of the projects that I completed but never photographed was May’s Paper Pumpkin.
I loved this kit. When it comes to scrapbooking, I’ve been known to fuss for hours on a page, trying to get it “just right.” This little mini album stops all that. It screams, “Finish me, show me off, enjoy me, I’m good as is!” I’m not worried about my messy printing, or the fact that the photos aren’t the best shots. I also didn’t agonize over what supplies to use, I just pulled stuff straight from the box.
So here it is, “as is.”
2013-10-03 11.02.062013-10-03 11.02.232013-10-03 11.02.382013-10-03 11.02.522013-10-03 11.03.082013-10-03 11.03.262013-10-03 11.03.39