Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hope everyone takes the time to hug someone you love and eat chocolate. There are never enough reasons to eat chocolate. Smile

Here’s a card with matching envelope I gave to my sweetie, along with a treat box filled with licorice all sorts.  You know you love someone when you buy them candy you would never eat yourself! *blech!* At least the box is cute!

2014-02-14 11.07.392014-02-14 11.08.10

I’ve also been admiring all the awesome “card-in-a-box” projects I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest lately, so here’s my take:

2014-02-14 11.08.492014-02-14 11.09.022014-02-14 11.09.11

It was so fun to make. I just love the Monstermaniacs stamp set!

Have a great weekend!