Monday, 30 September 2013

This is where I am?

So if you had read my September Newsletter, you would know that this fall brought some big changes for me. Namely, that both boys are in school full time now. I was excited for what that meant for my stamping. I envisioned productive mornings connecting with my customers and writing engaging blog posts…afternoons spent in creative bliss, working in my studio.
So here it is almost October, a month in, and where do I find myself? A picture speaks a thousand words:
2013-09-30 09.51.27
Doesn’t look like a very happening place does it? What gave it away? The last 4 months of Paper Pumpkin boxes stacked in the corner? Or the fact that you can’t even see my desk under the piles of stuff? The worst is the giant cobweb that is totally covering the top row of punches by the window. I didn’t take a close up photo for fear of actually seeing the spider that made said cobweb. *shudder*
So where did a month actually go? Well, there has been a lot of housework going on. Closet organizing, curtain washing, that sort of thing. You can see from the photo that I’ve got my flute out and I have been practising daily again (which I admit, feels really good.) I’ve also canned a bunch a veggies from our garden and have been giving my Kitchen Aid mixer a real workout from all the baking I’ve done, which has thrilled all my boys (including the big one I’m married to!)
Of course I should be honest and admit I’ve also caught up with my Facebook friends, refilled my Pinterest boards, and watched too many episodes of BBC’s Robin Hood on Netflix.
So yeah, guess the holiday is over and it’s time to roll up my stamping sleeves and get to work. I’ll be posting my progress here. Nothing like online accountability for motivation, right?  The studio is undergoing a big overhaul…we’ve moved the old futon (which I really never used) out to make room for a new Ikea Expedit shelf. That will open up new wall space for some cool hanging storage. I’ve also got an Inky Whiskers meeting to prep for this week. Guess I’d better stop typing and start stamping, huh?

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