Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Swallowtail Quick Tip

Did you buy the clear mount version of the Swallowtail stamp only to discover you didn’t have a block large enough to hold it? Before you place another order (did I just say that?) try this instead:

2013-05-21 10.43.33 

Just use the case it came in!

Now an important note, this trick will not work if you stamp the “regular way”, meaning stamping rubber side down. The plastic case has too much give and you won’t get a good impression in the center. So what to do then? Leave the stamp exactly as pictured face up on the table. Ink it up and then place your paper carefully on top of the rubber. Use your hand to gently rub across the entire surface of the paper, and then carefully lift up. Presto. Perfect butterfly!

So while buying Clear Block F is still the recommended way to go, if you don’t stamp many large background style stamps, try this trick out and buy yourself another cool stamp set instead!

P.S. I really do like Clear Block F…he’s a perfect time saver if you’re looking to put a bunch of stamps on one block and stamp a background or pattern only once. (Mosaic Madness, I’m thinking of you.) He’s also come through for me as a brilliant paperweight, a doorstop, and even a magnifying lens when reading some fine print in the catalogue once!