Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My new SU Website

So I've got a blingy new website to visit. Feel free to check it out here. SU launched new demonstrator websites for the new year and they are kinda snazzy. There's a calendar to check out my upcoming events and a detailed project area to inspire your creative juices. I'll still be keeping this blog since I have more posting flexibility, but it's fun to have another place to surf.

Hooray! I finally uploaded a card. Would you believe it took me two days to finish this silly little thing? It sat and sat on the kitchen table waiting for a moment when both boys were cooperating (i.e. sleeping!) and I wasn't too tired to sorta color in the lines. I like the way the sentiment turned out, but I'm not as happy with the chalked images. I think it's the combining chalk and markers together that doesn't quite work. Oh well. I'm still celebrating a completed card. Leave a comment if you'd like the "recipe" for making this card.

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